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Posts published in February 2022

Enter the Roda: Capoeira and the circle of life

Can you imagine a martial art with music and dance in which everyone wins? Capoeira is like that. “It is a cultural manifestation, a martial art.  It's not a sport. It is not competitive, it is inclusive. There are times of ups and downs in the game, but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost or won. It gives you a circular view of events, the circle of life. Sometimes you think you are at an advantage and sometimes at a disadvantage. There is no score. It’s like life”, Reis said.

I am Ukrainian, I cannot keep calm

I am writing this article not to convince readers who in this game of political chess to support. However, I would like to reach out to those who do not know how to help or what to do in this situation. I am here to bring awareness that no matter what nationality or background you come from, you can help just by sharing the word. Everyone should understand the level of aggression the Ukrainian nation is experiencing today. 

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