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2024 Seattle Central On-Campus Job Positions 

Looking back on working as a student leader for a year, I have been ruminating over countless obstacles and enjoyable memories I made throughout last year. Being a college worker has taught me many lessons that have enabled me to be proud of what I am today, and it helped me financially as an international student. But it’s about to end, and now it is YOUR TURN to join our ranks and contribute to the campus community by securing an on-campus job!

This article outlines current opening positions, their descriptions, and tips to get hired. 

1. Clubs and Activities, CAB.

Event Coordinators (2 open positions).


  • Planning events, including budgeting, theme selection, marketing, and logistics.
  • Collaborating with students, other departments and programs, and campus faculties!

Deadline: April 25th. Contact and Q&A: 

Club Coordinators (3 open positions).


  • Social Marketing Aspect: 50% of this position monitors students and provides individualized guidance workshops with orientations and events.
  • Participating in club events such as hiking, inter-campus sports games (soccer and basketball), and workshops.

Contact and Q&A: 

2. Information Center.

Student Ambassador (3 – 4 open positions).


  • Being the first point of contact for questions about college and student resources.
  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills to help guide students and community members, resolve issues, and advocate for them. 

Deadline: April 25th. Contact and Q&A: 

3. ASC. Executive of Associates.

Executive Officers (3 – 4 open positions: Administration, Communication, Finance, Issues and Concerns, Legislative Affairs, and Student Success). 


  • The official student governments of Seattle Central College deal with a broad range of issues to improve schools and offer services so students can perform successfully. 
  • Make changes on campus to create a more accessible and satisfying community for all. 

Associates (3 open positions: Outreach, Administration, and Finance)

Responsibilities: Support Executives of Administration, Communications, and Finance by expanding their capabilities. 

One Rule: All students who apply for ASC Executive Officer positions need to collect 25 endorsements/signatures from Seattle College students. An endorsement sheet will be emailed to applicants.

Deadline: April 25th. Contact and Q&A:

Eligibility for all programs above

  • Must be currently enrolled in Seattle Central for Spring Quarter 2024.
  • Must be taking at least 10 credits per quarter throughout the 2024-25 academic year.
  • Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA per quarter.
  • Must be able to commit until the end of the academic year 2025 Spring. 
  • Must be receptive to students of all backgrounds. 


  • Thoroughly read about each position to know the best positions that fit you.
  • Reflect on WHY you are applying to the position.
  • Think of what makes you stand out and unique, as well as your forte and growth area. 



4. The Studios on Broadways. 

Resident Assistant (RA) (3 open positions).

  • International Program employs 3 RAs to live in the Studios/Dorm on Broadway and assist with student needs and logistical processes.
  • Given one room for free for one academic year in exchange for a non-paid position as a Resident Assistant.
  • Act as a mediator in disputes and conflicts if and when necessary. 
  • Report any maintenance issues to Hunters Capitals.
  • RAs do not hold an ASC position.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have at least a 2.5 GPA in English 101.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Earned 15 credits at Seattle Colleges.
  • Compassion and a desire to help others.

Deadline: April 22nd. Q&A and email for Resume: 

All application materials must be submitted to the International Programs office or emailed directly to by April 22nd.

5. M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery

Gallery Monitor


  • Support opening receptions at the gallery.
  • Monitor exhibitions and communicate with visitors.
  • Support regular gallery operations, including installation and de-installation of art exhibitions. 

Available Shifts: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Thursday


  • Must be enrolled in Seattle Colleges for Spring Quarter 2024.
  • Being familiar/interested in art and/or working with tools is a bonus!

Deadline: April 25th. Contact and Q&A: 

Send your resume to the email above or drop it off at the Gallery in BE Atrium.

More positions will open in the Summer, Fall, and following quarters.



Find your place and take a chance to be what you want while contributing to life on campus and developing your skills and interests!


Rio Takahashi

Rio Takahashi is a small traveler trying to see this big world with curiosity and ambition, and with a camera. Language, drawing, Ernest Hemingway, antique shopping are the joy of his life. Rio is happy now to study Hawaiian language.

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