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Posts published by “Danika Djuanda”

Born and raised in the lively ambiance of Jakarta, Danika is a burgeoning storyteller. Now, nestled in Seattle’s rain-soaked embrace, she refines her craft as an editor and writer at the Seattle Collegian while pursuing her AA degree. With every keystroke, she senses anticipation, understanding that her words could unveil hidden stories and amplify unheard voices. Danika’s mission transcends reporting; it is about infusing vitality into narratives that spark change and resonate with the world, leaving an enduring impact.

A Harmony of Passions: The Journey of Sharon Spence-Wilcox Through Books, Music, Learning, and Teaching

Amidst the diverse landscape of Seattle Central College, a particular figure has etched her legacy over the course of two remarkable decades. Sharon Spence-Wilcox, a faculty librarian, embodies the essence of an extraordinary life journey…

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