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Posts published by “Fatimah Zarah”

Fatimah Abdullahi is an International student at Seattle Central College.
She is from Kenya, Nairobi, but ethnically Somali. She is currently pursuing her Associate of Science in Computer Science. She wishes to transfer to a 4-year university to get her Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science. Although she is in the field of STEM, she has a passion for writing. Fatima is a staff writer at The Seattle Collegian whose love for writing stems from reading different genres. Her purpose on writing is to create stories that evoke emotion and incites change in herself and her audience.

The stigma attached to mental health in religious communities

Despite recent efforts to normalize and promote the importance of mental health, it is still a topic we fear to discuss openly. People who experience mental health challenges are either seen as aggressive and violent or weak and incompetent. These misconceptions create stigmas that make it harder for everyone involved.

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