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Francisco Fonseca

Francisco Fonseca is an international student at Seattle Central College. He is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Francisco started his studies at Seattle Central College in the Spring of 2020. Currently pursuing an AS-T at the college, he is planning on transferring to earn a BS in Computer Engineering. Francisco works for the Seattle Collegian as a Web Manager, and as an International Ambassador for the International Programs of the colleges. He is also the President of the Programming Club, a student club where he and its members learn and improve their computer programming skills. Lastly, he is also a member of MESA, a STEM-based student organisation.

Posts published by “Francisco Fonseca”

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): Eternal cycles of the extraordinary mind

*Trigger warning* – suicidal ideation Howard Hughes, American business magnate and record-breaking pilot – portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Academy Award-winning biopic, The Aviator – perishes on his bed, completely consumed by his degenerative mental condition. Hughes died in…

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