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Best project management apps for students

Forgot to submit your essay in English 102? Have a hard time communicating with your teammates about a group project? Can’t find the free PDF your professor sent you? 

Don’t worry, there are amazing organization apps available across mobile and computer platforms that can help you simplify and keep up with your schoolwork, deadlines, and even collaborative projects. 

The apps provided below have amazing user interfaces that make scheduling and organization easy to understand and navigate. What’s even better about these apps is that their basic plans are all free! And if you want to access more features, most offer student discount pricing. 

So, if you want to simplify your schoolwork and time, check out these task management apps below:

Notion’s user interface
Notion Notion’s user interface

1. Notion

Notion is a great app to use when taking notes in class and organizing them according to their priority. The app also offers free templates to match what kind of activity you want to write down includingreading lists, journaling, or even monthly student budget calculations. It’s such a versatile app that it can still be used for other purposes outside of school!
Check out Notion’s  student pricing here. iOS version. Android version.

Trello’s user interface
Trello Trello’s user interface

2. Trello

If you’re familiar with kanban boards and how they are used to organize task flows, then Trello is the app for you. Not only is this app wonderful for personal use, but it is also an amazing tool for team projects in class! This app allows collaboration between multiple users, making it optimal for keeping track of each member of the team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work — especially with Trello!

Checking out Trello’s student pricing here. iOS version. Android version.

TickTick’s user interface both on desktop and mobile
TickTick TickTick’s user interface both on desktop and mobile

3. TickTick

Need to set reminders for deadlines or meetings? TickTick can help you with that! With features such as voice input, timers, and turning emails into tasks, this app makes it easy to remember any important work you need to finish. You can even set goals for yourself to make you more motivated. No more late homework!

Check out TickTick’s student pricing here. iOS version. Android version.

Miro’s user interface
Miro’s user interface

4. Miro

Miro is one of the best apps for jotting down ideas with groupmates in class or online. Miro is essentially a digital whiteboard where you and your groupmates can collaborate and work on a project simultaneously. It’s like Google Docs, but with even more templates to help organize your activities — whether it’s research, flowcharts, designs, or planning. And if you can’t find a template that works for your team, there are options to customize your own Miro board. How easy is that?

Check out Miro’s student pricing here. iOS version. Android version.

Now that midterms and finals are coming up soon, staying on track with your school work is vital to your success. Staying organized with your tasks can ease your mind, and your future self will thank you for that. Hopefully, these apps can make your student life a lot easier! 


Ana Bungag

Ana is a graphic design student at the Seattle Central Creative Academy. She is an aspiring designer focusing on accessibility, equity, and representation in the field. Outside of school, she likes to go hiking, cooking/baking, and watching Korean dramas.

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