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June 16, 2019


artistic rendering by Katrina Space of the Recompose Washington site

Breathing new life into the death industry

On April 19th, 2019, Senate Bill 5001 passed the Washington State Legislation and is headed to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk. If the bill is signed as expected, it will make Washington State the first state in the nation to offer an alternative to traditional burial or cremation; Recomposition. This practice, pioneered by Katrina Spade and

Remembering Nipsey Hussle

“He was like a safe haven to me, I’d always play his music when I’m going through things and need some motivation to get thru ’em. He really motivated me and not just in school, life in general. Hearing about his death just makes me wonder like why did it have to be him, the

comic of a two people sitting on a sidewalk in front of a brick wall, one is a teacher in a suit holding a sign that says 'will teach for money', the other is a student with a backpack holding a sign that says 'need money for school'

Where have all the classes gone?

Students have been questioning the recent course cancellations for the current spring quarter. Towards the end of March, several classes were cut for the upcoming quarter and the administration had not provided any information to students regarding what’s behind these closures. Faculty members are up in arms regarding the type of courses targeted for cancellation.

Spin Cycle

Sad Riot at Emerald City Comic Con

This coming Thursday, March 14th marks the start of Emerald City Comic Con. ECCC is a three day gathering at the Washington State Convention Center that by their own description “delivers the best that the comics and pop culture industry has to offer directly from the creators”. The con features booths highlighting a diverse range

Transgender in the Academy Workshop

Transgender in the Academy Workshop

Stephanie Dyke’s Workshop Highlighting the Experience of Gender Variant Professionals: Seattle Colleges and Beyond On Wednesday, February 27th, the Seattle Central Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion hosted a transgender resource workshop for students and employees of Seattle Colleges. In room BE 3212, Stephanie Dykes, Ph.D, created a dialogue focusing on transgender topics in the

Disabled SCC students at NE corner of campus

Challenging Accessibility: Are Accommodations Working?

Attending college can be stressful and challenging for most students. If you’re a student with disabilities, you face additional challenges unique to your abilities. College campuses nationwide strive to meet American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, which include things like elevators and ramps. But not all colleges are meeting the standards required for disabled students

Bus stop completely engulfed by snow

Snowpocalypse 2019: Flakey Accessibility For Disabled Folks

Seattle is not built for snow. Despite generally being an accessible city for both disabled and able-bodied individuals, snow and ice throw us into an entirely different ball game. If you are able-bodied, it’s hard enough to manage our steep hills, public transit reroutes, and disruptions in service. For those with mobility issues, this can

South elevator in BE Building

What’s Going Down With Elevator Upgrades

Many students have noticed, and voiced concerns, about the elevator improvement projects in the Broadway Edison Building. Several elevators in the building have needed upgrades for a while, with elevators near the south plaza and north Broadway entrances frequently being out of order. However, those elevators are also crucial for students with mobility issues. According

Campus Security Seal

Alleged Serial Masturbator Arrested On Campus

On January 25th, campus security responded to a call from the front desk of the MAC building about a man outside on the steps who was verbally harassing women.  In a freak coincidence of timing, another man believed to have multiple reports of public exposure and masturbation had walked out from between the MAC building

View of viaduct from above

Squeeze-Proof Your Commute

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you waking in the night with a sense of panic and dread? Feel like you’ve lost something, but you don’t know what? This could be a serious condition and you should seek medical attention immediately. That, or you’re just stressing out about the upcoming #SeattleSqueeze. Take comfort; you’re not

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