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June 16, 2019


Abortion law update

Over the past several months, multiple states have been quietly drafting bills and rewriting laws, several of which have only become public knowledge in the past few weeks. There is so much information coming in at once, with cases that will likely culminate at the United States Supreme Court. These new parameters established by individual

A speaker at the April 16 walkout outside Seattle Central,

Walkout brings success, but now what?

The April 16th walkout to “[Re]invest in our colleges” at all Seattle Colleges institutions may be over, but for many their fight for funding has just begun. At 8:30 am on Tuesday, April 16, Seattle Colleges walked out. At Seattle Central College (SCC) it wasn’t massive, at least at first; many teachers had informed their

Remembering John Singleton

On Monday April 29, 2019 the film industry lost one of its greatest filmmakers, John Singleton. Singleton graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 1990, and wrote and directed his first feature which was released the following year. The film was a huge success, and earned Singleton his first Oscar nominations for original screenplay

May Day 2019: El Comité marches

May 1, 2019 saw the annual El Comité Immigrant and Workers’ rights march return for its 20th year. A large crowd of indigenous and immigrant dancers, protesters, and spectators, shadowed by an equally large crowd of police officers, weaved through the streets of Capitol Hill and Downtown, eventually congregating at Seattle’s U.S. District Court. Many

Extended Warning: The ROC Walkout (Video)

On April 16th, Seattle Central college faculty, staff, and students all took part in the ROC Walk Out. North and South Seattle Colleges also participated. ROC stands for ReInvest in Our Colleges, and it was sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). At the Seattle Central campus, our very own Ruth Contreras (reporter) and

crowd of protesters in front of south seattle college

ROC or Walk – South Seattle College Edition

On April 16th, South Seattle College took part in the ROC Walk Out. Signs supporting the Walk Out were seen throughout the neighborhood nearby, in yards and on overpasses. About 50 students and teachers assembled outside of the campus. Like other Seattle Colleges campuses, postcards to send to the State Legislation and sign making materials

Students and faculty linger while main elevators are out of service following the most recent evacuation drill.

Stay up-to-date on ups and downs

Elevator updates continue at SCC’s BE Building.   As most students have likely noticed, Seattle Central College has several elevator and restroom upgrades going on during spring quarter. David Ernevad, Director of Facilities and Special Projects, said that the projects are going exceptionally well. Although renovations are on or ahead of schedule, the restroom renovations

Protestors outside of North Seattle College

North Seattle College Walkout

Just a short drive from Seattle Central, North Seattle College participated in the district-wide all-campus walk out on April 16th, 2019. These coordinated walk-outs are connected by the American Federation of Teachers, an organization that has been comprehensive in the support of staff at Seattle Colleges. Their “(Re)invest in Our Colleges” (ROC) campaign has three

U.S. Vets Shout in the Face of Oppression

On April 12th, 2019, the Department of Defense began to implement Directive-Type Memorandum 19-004, an action that will prohibit openly transgender people from serving in the United States military. This bill began circulation on April 23rd of 2018, and is now being put into practice by our Armed Services. In response to this, a number

Teacher walk out scheduled after Olympia budget talks

The Seattle Colleges have run each year on a diminishing budget for as long as many can remember. Each new legislative round sees a 3%-5% operating budget cut that ripples across the campuses. The copy center is closed more often, the cafeteria cuts its hours back and the counseling services that some students rely upon

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