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Coalition Leaders Hold “Protect Every Life” Rally and March at Westlake Center

Jordan Somers A protestor looks toward the stage of the Black Lives Matter Westlake Center rally on Saturday afternoon.
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian Nikkita Oliver reads a poem in response to the 2017 police murder of Charlenna Lyles and the ongoing fight for her justice.
Jordan Somers Black Action Coalition, The Engage Team, Morning March Seattle, Antifa Equity Outreach and Picket4Change were the five coalitions that organized this event.  Here a speaker conveys to protesters the imperative need to hold newly elected officials accountable for ongoing and ignored demands of the people.  
Jordan Somers A sign “Our Work Continues – Protect Every Person – hangs atop the stage at Westlake Center.
Jordan Somers Volunteers hold a large, makeshift mesh netting sign that holds the letters, “Protect Every Person,” the central theme of Saturday’s rally.
Jordan Somers A vast group of organizations were in attendance to speak and sell their cause, including The Seattle Revolutionary Socialists party. 
Jordan Somers A protestor representing the Free Socialist Party holds up a sign that reads, “Dump Trump and Capitalism!”
Jordan Somers Artist Issa Man (@issamanofficial) gives a fun, electric performance to close the rally and commence the march through downtown Seattle.
Jordan Somers Artist Issa Man gives a high energy dance performance, discernibly raising the energy of the crowd in attendance.
Jordan Somers Two protestors hold a large sign that reads, “Stand Against Violence – Protect Our Democracy.” 
Jordan Somers A protestor holds a sign emphasizing the ongoing fight against police brutality and Seattle Police Department.
Jordan Somers Black Action Coalition speaker, Trae, at center stage at the Westlake Center speaks to the ongoing fight of police brutality and systematic oppression of marginalized communities.
Jordan Somers A protestor’s dog sports a BLM vest at Saturday’s rally.
Jordan Somers The march caravan teeming with bicyclists and drivers secure Virginia Avenue as the coalition leaders take turns reading statements to the protestors.
Jordan Somers A young boy gazes upon the march while sitting atop his father’s shoulders.
Jordan Somers Protestors marched the great majority of downtown Seattle, from Belltown to First Hill. 
Jordan Somers Members of the Democratic Socialists of America organization stand in attendance at the Westlake Center rally.
Jordan Somers Protestors from the Muckleshoot tribe led the majority of the Saturday march with native drums.
Jordan Somers Coalition leaders and protestors march down 5th Avenue toward First Hill.
Jordan Somers Protestors carried and transported all rally signs throughout the entirety of the march.
Jordan Somers  Protestors representing a multitude of groups, organizations and interests came together to rally for the central cause to protect every life and support Black Lives Matter.
Jordan Somers A coalition leader speaks her mind as the march moved through downtown to Seattle onward to First Hill.
Jordan Somers  A group of brass musicians played music and maintained a high level of energy during Saturday’s march.
Jordan Somers  Coalition leader, Trae, takes a moment between words to acknowledge the crowd of protestors marching in the street.
Jordan Somers A protestor and activist speaks out against the cruelty and corruption of ICE, and the necessity for the government agency to be shut down.
Jordan Somers Many drummers were in attendance maintaining rhythm and energy throughout Saturday’s march. 
Jordan Somers Protestors march into First Hill on an unusually chilly 40 degree Fall day in Seattle.
Jordan Somers Protestors wield a variety of signs as they march Westbound toward the Puget Sound.
Jordan Somers A protestor sits on the ground listening to coalition leaders speak in front of the King County courthouse, which was the subject of criticism and reproach for its treatment of vulnerable and marginalized populations.
Jordan Somers A protestor wears a sign that reads, “Biden is Trump Playing Good Cop.”
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian A protestor and activist carries along with him his cat companion.


Jordan Somers

Jordan Somers is currently in his second year of Visual Media at Seattle Central College. He specializes in photojournalism and documentary work, with a particular emphasis on social movements happening throughout the city. His 2020 documentary, Hope is Not Cancelled, was an official selection at the Local Sightings Film Festival, and won an award for best editing at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Jordan is an avid traveler when granted the opportunity, and has a keen interest in psychology and existential philosophy.

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