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Continuing Education classes remain on campus despite closures

Continuing Education classes on the Seattle Central Campus will finish out this week despite moving to mandatory on-line modalities for credited classes. Seattle Central offers a wide array of non-credit classes designed for working and older students. The classes are paid in full by the students and do not qualify for financial aid. The classes range in topic from learning a new language to woodworking and recreational boating. All the classes are held on the first floor of the Broadway Edison Building.

In an email sent on Monday, March 9 to Continuing Education students, Saori Sampa, a Continuing Education Programs Specialist, assured that classes would continue through Saturday, March 14 unless the class instructor has already switched to an online format.

“Continuing Education represents a much smaller student body than the credit students of Seattle Central College; given that, we have been given permission to finish out our classes this week while moving all remaining coursework to alternative modalities” the Director of Continuing Education Rachel St. Clair said in regards to the continued classroom presence. She added that instructors were utilizing Zoom, off-site locations and other teleconferencing technology in an effort to complete the quarter.

As more of the Seattle area public education infrastructure closes amid the now World Health Organization labeled “pandemic”, the future of in-person classrooms remains unclear. Today, Governor Jay Inslee began a moratorium on public and private gatherings of over 250 people with some exceptions given to retail and other industries. The Seattle Public School district announced today that all schools will be closed for at least the next 14 days, beginning on Thursday March 12.

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