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Get active at Central! The revival of our student clubs  

During the stagnant phases of the pandemic, the school suffered a brutal halt in extra-curricular activities for students. It adopted an almost completely online environment for classes and work. Many schools across the world experienced this experience due to COVID-19. 

But that, we can luckily say, is in the past! Now, our school is becoming more and more alive ever since the beginning of 2020. 

Even though the school year is ending, some clubs will still be active during the summer and will continue to meet for on and off-campus activities. 

However, be advised that during the Summer Quarter, student clubs do not receive any funding. This means that they won’t be able to purchase common requests like food, equipment, etc. But most social meetings don’t require any expenses!  

This summer, you can still check out clubs you find interesting, meet other students with similar interests, and make friends, all while adding great information to your transfer paper: yes! Being an active club member gives you extra credit when you’re looking to transfer to a four-year university. It shows that you are engaged in school activities and other students, especially if the area of interest is related to your field of study. 

The Club Room at the Student Leadership Building.
Francisco Fonseca | The Seattle Collegian The Club Room at the Student Leadership Building.

Whether you are a new student at Central or just want to start getting social and active within the community, please read below to find out what the current clubs have for you! 

Mandala Yoga Club 

Last autumn, a group of five yoga enthusiasts began gathering in the park every Thursday for an hour of yoga practice. Their love for yoga brought them inner peace, power, and good health, so they wanted to share these benefits with others. This inspired them to establish Mandala Yoga Club, which now has over 19 members, including a professional yoga instructor who is enrolled in a nursing program at Seattle Central College. 

Spring Quarter, they have been practicing yoga twice a week, and all sessions are complimentary. Mandala Yoga is a gentle and suitable space for beginners, with a focus on building strong relationships and developing basic yoga skills. 

Check them out if you want to learn and share the beauty of yoga with them! 

President: Yiduo Hao 

Contact information: 

Courtesy of Yiduo Hao

Chess Club

The chess club exists for people who love playing chess or want to learn about it. That is its simple primary purpose. 

President: Bach Nguyen 


Courtesy of Bach Nguyen

Fermentation Club 

Fermentation Club is dedicated to, well… fermentation! 

The club follows a loose structure where they theme each production meeting around a family of ferments. They recently had their dairy meeting, so they will be fermenting dairy beverages soon. 

Their goals are to create delicious, culturally diverse foods while destigmatizing the practice of fermentation. 

Any Seattle Colleges student may join by either emailing the club’s president directly or filling out a short form. You can also find their flyers with a QR code in the culinary school. Also, you can follow them on Instagram, @seattlecentralferments. 

President: Tristant Yerkes 



Courtesy of Tristant

Dungeons and Dragons Club

The D&D Club plays the roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons. Lately, they have been on hiatus, however, but it’s worth sending an email to check for upcoming meetings! The president told us that hopefully the club will active again soon. 

Oden Club 

Oden is a place to make new friends while sharing Japanese culture, and you don’t have to be Japanese; anyone can join the club. If you want to make friends, this is the perfect club for socializing and participating in fun extra-curricular activities. It’s one of the largest clubs in our school; that says it all. 

They typically have one monthly large activity. They do not have regular weekly meetings. Some past activities have been a dumpling party, sports days, a movie night (where they watched a famous Japanese horror movie and shared sushi!), and going to a Seattle Mariners game. Most members come with the purpose of meeting new people. 

They announce new events or any information on their Instagram account, @oden.scc. Be sure to follow them to stay up to date. 

You can also ask them questions and suggest activities ideas via their Instagram. 
President: Noa Shiga 


Courtesy of Noa Shiga

Programming Club

The Programming Club is about computer programming language learning, and computer science in general. They practice and learn coding skills by challenging themselves with coding problems. What are coding problems? Coding problems are kind of like a math problem; you get instructions and requirements, and then figure out a solution, usually the optimal. There are different levels of programming offered in the club: beginner-friendly, medium level such as using Practice-IT by University of Washington, and big tech interview-level coding challenges. 

There are also eventual projects to work on, like the club’s website,, or developing fun games for students. 

They usually meet every Thursday at varying locations and times. 

Their goal is to help students with their coding skills, as well as with their CSC 110, CSC 142, and CSC 143 classes (the usual Seattle Colleges CSC track for Computer Engineering and Computer Science). 

You can join by completing a sign-up form, and then you will receive an invitation link to their Slack workspace, where they communicate all the club activities. 

President: Francisco Fonseca 


Sign-up form: 

Math Club 

The Math Club helps students with math and math classes. They usually do math-related events like study sessions.  They typically meet bi-weekly. 

Their goal is to make math easier and more fun, according to the club’s President. 

They have a Discord server where you can chat with the officers and members, as well as discuss anything you want. 

President: Tamara Yap 


Drawing Club 

The Drawing Club is a place where people can practice their skills and de-stress from school. 

They usually meet in the Club Room in the Student Leadership Building (right across from the BE building), and work on their drawings, as well as give each other advice. 
They love inspiring people to start a new hobby or develop their skills. 
You can join by emailing the president or asking Student Leadership about them. 

President: Alina Shukala  



Courtesy of Alina Shukala

French Club 

The French Club cultivates individual interest to promote enthusiasm among students for the French language and culture through activities, projects, discussions, and food. 

President: Esther Ornella 


Pool Club 

Feel free to come find the fun Pool Club at the MAC and play a few games! They welcome players of all levels: whether you are super competitive in the sport or have never lifted a cue up before. There are some billiards nerds in the club, and they’d love to play with everyone and share some cool knowledge about the game. They wish to create opportunities for people to form small communities and enjoy the game. 

President: Anh Nguyen 


Women in Science and Engineering 

Open to all women who are interested in studying science and engineering. 

President: Debora Kahssay 


Dance Club 

The Dance Club was created for dancers of all types who want to connect with people who share the same passion. Whether they want to learn or teach, they are free to do so during their rehearsals; members learn and teach choreographies. As a new club, they haven’t had many activities so far, but they are doing their best to participate and perform during school events such as the Involvement Fair, Unity Fair, graduation ceremony, and more. In the future, they hope to participate in activities outside of the school as well. 
They usually meet in the dance studio at the MAC (also right across from the BE building). 

The club’s goal is to bring together passionate dancers, learn from each other, perform during events, build a strong community, have fun, and grow. 

To join, visit their Instagram page (@scc_dance_club). Then, fill out the form in the bio. 

President: Sairah My Joy Paubert Yavianka 
Vice President: Bohan Huang 
Advisor: Mia Bailey 

Japanese Learning Club 

The Japanese Learning Club (JPLC) is a club for students who want to learn Japanese freely. Seattle Central College has another Japanese club called Oden which focuses on Japanese culture, whereas JPLC is more learning-based. 
The club officers give lectures about Japanese language, such as its alphabet and useful phrases. Club members can pick up Japanese by participating in the weekly meetings where lectures are given. 

The goal of the club is to spread the attraction and a deeper understanding of linguistic aspects of Japanese and teach students how to read and speak the language. 

Ideally, if you are passionate or interested in learning Japanese, this is the right club for you. 

President: Rio Takahashi 

Vice President: Daichi 

Courtesy of Rio Takahashi

Gaming Club 

The Gaming Club is about having fun during the day while playing video games, board games, etc. 
The members of the club can suggest games that can be played as a group and compete in games. 
They meet in the Student Leadership Building Club Room. The meeting times tend to vary every quarter based on the availability of members. They also meet over Discord for online gaming for about an hour. 
The goal of the Gaming Club is to have fun and maybe setup a few events in the future for some tournaments on campus like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc. 
Feel free to email them or speak with them directly if you find them on campus or in the Club Room during one of their meetings. 

President: Dakota Bell-Towne 

Vice President: Rio Takahashi 


Robotics Club 

The Robotics Club is a beginner’s level space for students to better understand what robotics really is. The club officers want to help members build robots from scratch and understand the needs and essentials of robotics. 

President: Marvyn Castro 

Vice president: Se-Won Park 


Weightlifting Club 

The Weightlifting Club provides members with the best environment for meeting people and enjoying various events related to physical activities/weightlifting to fulfill their body goals and improve themselves. 

To get more updates about the club meetings and events, follow their Instagram, @scc_wlc. To join them, email them asking for the entry form. 

President: Seojun Kim 


Queer/Trans Cooperative 

Queer/Trans Cooperative is a student club focused on building a safe and accepting community for Seattle Central’s sexuality and gender minority students and allies. Uniting the spectrum of unique identities and philosophies found within the LGBTQ+ community, their mission is to develop a culture of empowerment around a core of education and activism. They hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss and explore the understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and organize community events. 

To join, Sign up for Queer/Trans Cooperative, or join their Discord Community 

Co-lead: Jared Rogers 


Black Student Union 

Black Student Union (BSU) aims to create an alliance between Black Students, Africans, and allies. BSU exists to elevate cultural and constitutional education, express views of social power, and support students and communities alike. 

The Seattle Collegian recently wrote an article about their revival! Check it out here:

President: Shadai Cannoi 

Vice President: Nina Lopez 



The purpose of the K-Club is to share Korean culture and to learn about it. Their activities are for students interested in anything and all about Korea. They meet, communicate, and experience Korean culture culture.. 

President: Yubin Hwang 


And… that’s all! 

That is all for student clubs for this year. Feel free to contact the clubs which you are most interested in joining! You can be part of many, or even all clubs – if you have the time for it, of course. 


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