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Hallgrimson Heads Financial—Aid Office

By Jim Easterling

As Seattle Community College opened this fall, so did the Office of Student
Financial Aid. It is under the direction of B. T. Hallgrimson, who is assisted by
his secretary, Mrs. Ann Pruitt.

This office is in the Summit Branch of the college in the student lounge. The function of the office is to provide assistance to those in need financially.

Haligrimson’s main interest is “to stimulate, promote and expand grant and aid programs and to supervise the emergency student loan fund.” This loan fund is
provided by the college and is available to those in any area of learning in Seattle
Community College.

The college through its office of Student Financial Aid expresses a belief similar to a large number of educational institutions, namely education available to its students should not be controlled by financial resources, Hallgrimson explained.

Underlying this belief is the basic principle that the primary purpose of this office should be to provide financial assistance to students who, without such aid would be unable to attend college, he explained.

Scholorship grants, part-time off-campus job placement, on-campus work study
programs, emergency loans and federal aid grants and loans constitute the framework for this effort.

The financial aid office is widely known as the “Employment Center” due to Hallgrimson’s efforts in obtaining jobs for students. In the last few weeks his’office has listed over 125 job opportunities and has referred and placed approximately 75 students on parttime jobs.

The new Student Financial Aid Office is composed of several sections which in the past were under separate departments, such as the Student Loans and the job Placement Services.

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