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KCTS-TV Will Offer Four-Week Course

By Unknown

A complete 4-week course covering True Position Dimensioning will be offered by S.C.C. over KCTS-TV Channel 9 starting November 8.

The course teaches the concept, vocabulary, symbols and use of true position dimensioning as applied to drawings, blueprints, and mode of manufacture of (machine) parts.

The class will be held each Tuesday and Thursday starting November 8. The hours
are from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

To register, obtain an application from the main office of S.C.C. and either mail it or bring it to the main office along with a $3 tuition fee.

When the college receives an application it will return to the applicant a course packet containing all of the material needed.

At the completion of the course a final examination will be required for credit.
The results will be mailed to the student and his employer. A transcript of his grades will also be filed at S.C.C.

The course will provide one credit toward the associate of applied science degree.

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