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Keeping Harvard Garage safe and clean

Harvard garage has for years acted as a safe place for students to park near campus. The transportation department oversees this garage and this quarter has implemented a state-funded security team for more surveillance. The Director of Auxiliary Services, Jeff Keever, was willing to discuss some of these changes and their purpose. 

Before the security team started working their added overnight shifts, there were reports given to SCC’s Department of Transportation regarding alleged messiness left by those loitering in the space. The Harvard garage has had routine issues with cleanliness according to Keever,  and these new security hours came per the request of students and faculty. Though the issues were only “anecdotal and not from [Keever’s] perspective,” staff has unofficially relayed that the garage now certainly feels “much cleaner and safer.” 

Lolly Burkentine, SCC student and user of Harvard garage for nearly three years, says she has “never noticed any cleanliness issues with the garage.” She has noticed some loitering folks leaving a mess to be quickly picked up by the staff already working a day shift. Burkentine would add that the garage “generally feels pretty safe, and well lit at night,” in her experience parking on campus. 

While safety was a question, the loitering folks were mostly if not only leaving messes according to Keever. Staff now reports the garage feeling “safer” and “cleaner,” says Keever, and that the “whole vibe has changed since the implementation of the new security hours.”

Harvard Garage is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with state funded security any time there is no campus security: 10pm-6:30am Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday.

Astro Pittman | The Seattle Collegian

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