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Light Rail under construction until March: Changes and closures

Starting January 4, 2020, there will be reduced Link Light Rail service for ten weeks due to construction. Dubbed “Connect 2020,” the construction project aims to connect Seattle to East King County via the downtown tunnels. There will be 14 miles of new service in the East side. 

The service changes will last until March 15, 2020, including three weekend closures of most of the downtown stations: January 4-5, February 8-9, and March 14-15. 

With one of Capitol Hill station’s entrances right next to the SAM building, it’s practical for many students to commute via Light Rail. During this period of change, students should know their commute will be different – but accommodations are being made to ensure this change is not a headache for commuters. 

For starters, passengers can expect four-car trains every twelve minutes. To continue in either direction past Pioneer Square station, all passengers must disembark and change trains by exiting the inner doors and then crossing the center platform to the connecting train. 

As bicycles are prohibited at Pioneer Square station during construction, southbound passengers with them must commute to the University Street station and northbound passengers must utilize the International District Station. This is potentially a large hurdle for bike commuters attempting to commute from the downtown area.

Ambassadors for Sound Transit will be at the Light Rail stations throughout construction to assist passengers and answer any questions. Sound Transit also reminds passengers to spread out to avoid crowding platforms and, as always, give priority for seating and elevators to disabled and elderly riders. 

More information for cyclists who use the Light Rail can be found with Seattle’s bike maps and  this Q&A with Cascade Bicycle Club. The full list of changes can be found on Sound Transit’s Connect 2020 website, 


Danny Barber

Danny Barber is the Managing Editor of the Seattle Collegian and an English student at Seattle Central college. She enjoys writing creatively, drawing, baking, video games, and going on long-winded random internet research sessions. After Seattle Central, she plans on getting her Master’s in English and working on the editorial board of another paper someday.

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