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Navigating the Global Campus: Evan Franulovich’s International Programs podcast “Conversations with!”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an international student in the United States? Perhaps you’re considering making the leap yourself. If so, Evan Franulovich’s podcast is a resource offering various perspectives on the international student experience at Seattle Central.

Hailing from the Oregon Coast, Franulovich’s journey into the realm of international education began when he was an exchange student in Belgium during his junior year of high school. His global adventures also led him to China, where he spent four years teaching English as a foreign language, working at universities, teaching business classes, and filmmaking.

Last week, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Franulovich for an upcoming episode and spoke to him about the goals and inspirations for Conversations with!

Evan Franulovich Franulovich interviewing Parth Patel from South Africa

“When I was living in Alaska, I started listening to podcasts [that] educated me in foreign language acquisition and filmmaking,” reflects Franulovich, emphasizing that podcasts are a valuable form of information and education. “When I started at [SCC’s] digital media creation and traveling as a recruiter, I thought “what’s a good way for people to gather information other than going through your website, which can be tedious? [podcasts] are a great place [for that], you can go bicycling, running, lifting weights…” said Franulovich. He says the form of media is “really low pressure,” making it easier for anyone to connect with and learn from.

Franulovich has not seen many universities with podcasts. “I try to create the podcast in a way that is good for anybody, no matter what school they go to,” Franulovich said. He designed the podcast to be inclusive, making sure that it speaks to anyone interested in the international student experience, regardless of where they are. 

Conversations with!, now in its second season, has released 44 episodes since its start last winter. While he mainly focuses on interviewing international students, Franulovich says he welcomes a diverse range of participants, including domestic students who have a loose affiliation with other countries, staff members, intensive English program representatives, government officials linked to Education USA, and even a culinary chef at South Seattle College.

Evan Franulovich Franulovich with students at an Education fair in West Africa

Reflecting on his favorite episodes, he shared that his favorite part is truly the uniqueness of each story, with surprises and challenges that make every interview special. Addressing the challenges of podcast production, he initially faced equipment constraints, “I was using my own equipment, which was good, but not nearly as good as these,” said Franulovich, pointing at the microphones used for the episodes. Once he produced a number of interviews, he requested that the college invest in equipment, which significantly enhanced the podcast’s overall quality.

Sophia Bruscato | The Seattle Collegian Equipment used for the podcast’s interviews

His most significant challenge, he says, is simply spreading the word. “It’s a big planet and we recruit in every corner of it. Anybody, anywhere, that has anything to do with education, this is a great show for them to listen to.” As an international recruiter who travels to multiple parts of the world, he acknowledges the vastness of the task. He encourages listeners to support the podcast by sharing it widely. “Like the show, share it with as many people as possible, anything people can do to spread the word would be awesome!” Franulovich said.

Franulovich’s podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the international student experience in the United States. As an international student, I would have loved to listen to some of the episodes prior to my arrival in America. During my interview, he asked about the logistics and reasons for my moving to the US, which is good advice for prospective students. By providing a platform for diverse voices and experiences, Franulovich has created an accessible and engaging space for anyone curious about the global campus community. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout, and YouTube, where you can put faces to names. Make sure to check it out!


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