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Posts published in “Opinion”

Culture Shock

Whether we call it Cross-Cultural Adaptation Stress, Intercultural Adjustment Disorientation, Displacement Anxiety, or Culture Shock, it remains as a genuine part of almost everyone’s sojourn abroad. We might have our own perspectives and definitions of culture shock, through the variations of our “shocking” experiences, but there is a widely used…

Kavanaugh, Trump, & the future of American Democracy

On Monday, October 1, President Trump issued orders to the FBI, calling for an official investigation into the accusations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, the administration’s nomination to the Supreme Court to fill the seat left by Justice Kennedy when he abruptly retired in June of this year. While limiting the duration to one week, the president put no direct restraint as to who the Bureau could question.

Elevating the Norm

So, a new year, a new batch of students who don’t know basic elevator etiquette.  I went over this a little in a previous op-ed, but my observations in the first few weeks of the quarter leads me to write about this topic again.  You all don’t seem to realize…