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SCOOP Film Festival: Humanist stories told through short documentaries

This year, The Stranger and the producers of the HUMP!, SLAY, and SPLIFF Film Festivals are bringing a new short documentary festival called SCOOP Film Festival

Most of the short documentaries focus on wondrously unique human experiences from around the world. The final lineup consists of 11 short documentaries, including a lot of Pacific Northwest and international representation. From the science of stress as told by a young Australian stuck in lockdown, to the life of one of Capitol Hill’s more recognizable ladies, these stories will make you laugh, cry, angry, or even wonder what makes us feel human.

The festival streams online from Nov. 12 through Nov. 30 so don’t miss the chance to watch these films while you can! You can also watch the trailer here and purchase tickets to stream here

Here is the 2021 lineup for this year’s SCOOP Film Festival: 

The Science of Stress During Remote Learning

Interested in learning how you can manage stress during the pandemic? A little kid from Australia can break that down for you!

Why Wouldn’t You Buy Weed on the Legal Market?

Aaron Bossett, founder of the Black Cannabis Commission, explains the deep and complicated history of the legalization of marijuana and why he refuses to buy weed on the legal market.  

The State of Skateboarding in Mongolia

In this documentary, Mongolian skateboarder Baysaa Sukhbaatar describes to the viewers what it’s like skateboarding in the busy streets of Ulaanbaatar, the coldest capital in the world.

Life’s too short. I’M NOT

A 6-foot-4-inch woman in the UK discusses her struggles and achievements being one of the tallest girls in her community.


Cece tells the story of an athlete that has achieved success in sports and inspired a generation of youth with disabilities that they too can be just as great!

Bush Garden

Bush Garden is the first and oldest karaoke bar in the country and has been a hub for connections and celebrations. The historic building was sold to a private developer in 2017, and since then, grassroots organizers have been fighting to save this iconic landmark in Seattle. 

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Have you ever tried making friends with your neighbors in an apartment building? Local resident Juan Miguel Jocom (one of our staff writers) is eager to meet them, but it can be a challenge. 

The Killing of Stonechild Chiefstick

In 2019, a 39-year-old Native American man named Stonechild Chiefstick was shot and killed by the police in Poulsbo, Wash. This documentary goes into details about the investigation and how this event has shaped the small town.  

Before Leaving

K2 is a graffiti artist living in the French Alps. He tells his story about his inspirations, art, and life. He also talks about inspiring his daughters to be the best they can be. 

Nature Series, Plant Episode 1

The host of this documentary, Anson, takes the viewers on a tour of Hong Kong’s diverse flora and explores different places like an indoor plant garden cafe that specializes in ingredients found in the garden. 

Lady Krishna

If you live, hang out, or work in Capitol Hill, chances are you might have seen Lady Krishna and her vibrantly colored clothes. This documentary looks into her life and what has influenced her love of art, music, and fashion.


Ana Bungag

Ana is a graphic design student at the Seattle Central Creative Academy. She is an aspiring designer focusing on accessibility, equity, and representation in the field. Outside of school, she likes to go hiking, cooking/baking, and watching Korean dramas.

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