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Seattle’s Link Light Rail Extension provides a more efficient commute to all

The Link Light Rail system is a good means of transportation for students. The train is fast, frequent, and saves people’s precious time. Sound Transit, which operates the Light Rail system in Seattle and Tacoma, has planned to expand its line in Washington. People can check on the process of planning and constructing at Sound Transit’s website. The opening of  2 Line through downtown Bellevue and the expansion of 1 Line to Lynwood are almost completed. It will provide great convenience to students.

2 Line opening

Part of 2 Line is opening on April 27, 2024. The new line crosses South Bellevue station into Redmond Technology station. Moreover, in 2025, The 2 line will be extended to the International District/Chinatown station in Seattle, after which the line’s length will be 14 miles and 10 stations; Upon opening in 2025, riders can travel to east Seattle by Link Light Rail.

An existing plan of the 2 Line is to open the Line connecting International District/Chinatown station to Redmond Technology station. However, the completion of the rail’s crossing I-90 was postponed to 2025 due to quality issues.

1 Line extension

The 1 Line will be extended from Northgate station into Lynnwood on Aug. 30, 2024. Its new length will be 8.5 miles, with new 4 stations: Shoreline South/148th station, Shoreline North/ 185th station, Mountlake Terrace station, and Lynwood City Center station. After its extension, 1 Line will take 56 minutes to move from SeaTac to Mountlake Terrace.  

The Light Rail system’s extension will contribute to the safety and ease of commuting, and even allow people to take a tour of Seattle’s surrounding area comfortably and efficiently.


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One Comment

  1. John Niles Saturday, April 27, 2024

    Thanks for this story. The train provides a nice ride to all who ride this train. However, the headline of this story is misleading: “Seattle’s Link Light Rail Extension provides a more efficient commute to all” The word “all” is wrong in this headline sentence.
    More accurately, Link Light Rail is a more efficient commute to all the commuters who pay the fare and ride on it, but not to everybody on the Eastside. Many people need to commute to places that the light rail does not serve well enough, or at all.
    However, the six and one half million dollars per day collected locally in taxes by the Sound Transit public agency light rail builder and operator is paid by all, whether or not you ride on the agency’s transit lines. If you purchase anything subject to sales tax in King County, Snohomish County, or Pierce County, a little bit of what you pay goes to Sound Transit, and it adds up over time to billions and billions. The light rail fare does not come close to covering the cost.

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