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Student Leaders Needed

Unity Fair is coming up and Spring Quarter is in full swing. That means it’s that time of the year again: Student Leadership will be looking for a new group of students with strong leadership and communication skills to serve on the boards for the continuing academic year. At the Info session on May 19th all of the boards introducing what they are, what they do and how the boards will benefit the students when they apply for the positions.

The Associated Student Council (ASC), the official student government of Seattle Central, represents students’ interests to the college administration. The ASC leads the organization of a broad range of student committees that address issues and concerns and promote services that enhance the student experience at Seattle Central. The ASC is looking for 6 new executives: Administration, Legislative Affairs, Finance, Officer for Issues and Concerns, Officer Satellite Campus Representative and Executive of Students Success.

International Students Advisory Council (ISAC) is a team of students responsible for representing international student interests to the International Education Programs Office and Seattle Central at large. ISAC is also in charge of assisting international students in finding houses and engaging students whose English is not their mother tongue with local Students. Although the board is representing international students, these positions are open to both international and local students.

International Student Advisory Council

The Tournaments and Games Team (TAG Team) organizes and facilitates recreational activities that promote student involvement, fair play, and physical activity. Their most recent works involve the ping-pong tournament, soccer tournament, badminton tournament and the winter showcase. “Seattle Central College’s student leadership enhances the leadership skill that is hidden inside of you. I can not even imagine my associate degree without student leadership,” said a TAG member. He then continues, “I still remember my first two quarters, I used to go home, come to school, take classes, go back home and do my assignments; but when I got into the student leadership’s TAG team, I’ve met so many people like Alvin, Ricardo, and my board members. If I was not in the student leadership, I’d live my college life in isolation where I would know no one apart from being a student and doing assignments.” Moreover, TAG members have access to free lockers at the MAC building, so it’s a plus!


TAG team’s achievements


The College Activities Board (CAB) is a team of students who develop and organize multicultural events and activities on campus that celebrate the community’s diversity, promote student involvement and foster collaboration among student organizations. Unlike ISAC and TAG, CAB doesn’t have a specific road. CAB host events for different types of culture and different types of people. “The way CAB function is either one of the boards come up with an event or a student approaches us with the idea, and we will start the process of doing marketing, outreach, event planning,…” said one of the speakers of CAB.

The Student Organizations Resource Council (SORC) supports Club Life at Seattle Central. SORC helps clubs access the information, resources, and training available to them. SORC also provides funding for clubs’ activities. “Some characteristics that SORC would appreciate to have are hard-working, responsible since SORC handle the funding requests from students, so it’d be nice to have someone who is sociable, open-minded and patient,” said Trang, one of the SORC member.

Characteristics recommended for a SORC member.

The Global Engagement Team (GET) works to maximize interaction between local and international student through activities and events. Their past events include Pumpkin Carving event and Festival of Colors. GET will also be a part of the boards that are in charge of the Unity Fair. They also have a program called “The Conversation Partners Program”, which is for the international students who want to improve their English speaking skill.

Info Central is more customer-based. As Student Ambassadors, the Info Central strive to provide the highest possible service to students, staff, and the community. Info Central staffs will be trained to be knowledgeable and efficiently assist students and the community of Seattle Central College. They also handle the posters and lead school tours. “As long as you have a lot of drive, the drive to learn, then we’d love to take you on,” said a member of the Info Central.

Little information about how the process of hiring is revealed. As for now, applicants can submit their resumes online. Last year, after doing the online submission, the applicants are invited to a team-building session, where they are put into groups and work together to build a foundation/base from scratch so that when an egg is dropped, it doesn’t break. Those were considered potential moved on to the interview stage. The new leaders are chosen by each board’s advisor and members.

Phi Theta Kappa is also looking for 6 new leaders to serve the organization for the next academic year: President, vice- president, communication coordinator, project coordinator, secretary and outreach coordinator. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs, particularly state colleges and community colleges. They provide leadership and scholarships opportunities for students.Unlike other leadership boards, students must be a Phi Theta Kappa member in order to apply for these positions.The membership fee right now is $75 in order to join Phi Theta Kappa.





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