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“We are experiencing the effects of war, just not in a way that we can contextualize”: WA Against Nuclear Weapons on the outcomes of nuclear proliferation

The exorbitant amount of tax-payer dollars the government spends on the military comes at the cost of funding for other areas of public legislation that are highly consequential to the lives and well being of millions of Americans. “Everytime the United States shoots a missile, that’s like 100 million tax dollars - that’s enough money to fix the roads in your city, that’s enough money to provide healthcare to everyone in your city, that’s enough money to help stabilize the climate,” Arent says.

‘Planet Killer’ Asteroid? NASA Has A Plan

66 million years ago, it was a humid spring day. A blinding light and a bang launched Earth into an extreme heat that flipped into a nuclear winter. A loss of 75% of all life…

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