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Posts tagged as “Protest”

Photo Essay: “United for Israel” march meets United Front Liberated Zone in counter-protest

Protestors at the University of Washington’s United Front Liberated Zone prepared to defend their encampment from a Sunday, May 12 counter-protest, organized by The Pursuit NW, a local church with a location in the University…

University of Washington students form ‘United Front Liberation Zone,’ demand that UW divest from Boeing and Israel

To protest the University of Washington’s ties with Israel and Boeing, students from the university’s Progressive Student Union (PSU), led by Mathieu Chabaud, started an encampment on the quad that they’re calling the “United Front…

Earth Day: Choosing action

Humans are destroying this planet. I don’t believe this is new information to the majority of us. We have all seen the increasing number of natural disasters, the waste being dumped on the land and in the sea, and even a change in local temperature. Any day you flip onto a news channel, you are likely to see at least one segment or statistic pointing towards climate change. And we are to blame. Our ceaseless desire for material possessions and financial gain is degrading our planet at an alarming rate. 

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