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Resuscitate life back to school: Central’s new interim president has a mission

During a quick chat with Lane at the 2022 holiday party organized by the Office of the President, he mentioned that one of his missions as interim president is to bring life back into the school. “One of the things that I really felt lost during the pandemic was to get to be in the same place as other people,” says Lane. However, he did acknowledge the perks of being able to work remotely, but ultimately he believed in the importance of face-to-face interactions, “I do think there is space for coming to campus as a part of your educational journey or your work journey.”

“We are experiencing the effects of war, just not in a way that we can contextualize”: WA Against Nuclear Weapons on the outcomes of nuclear proliferation

The exorbitant amount of tax-payer dollars the government spends on the military comes at the cost of funding for other areas of public legislation that are highly consequential to the lives and well being of millions of Americans. “Everytime the United States shoots a missile, that’s like 100 million tax dollars - that’s enough money to fix the roads in your city, that’s enough money to provide healthcare to everyone in your city, that’s enough money to help stabilize the climate,” Arent says.

Dear The Stranger, Seattle’s music scene is not broken, sincerely: The Seattle music scene

On Nov. 14, The Stranger published a series of articles titled “Seattle’s Music Scene Is Broken: Here’s How We Can Begin to Fix It.” The author of the main article, Megan Selling, proclaimed the Seattle music scene as unanimously broken. The article brought to light the housing and healthcare challenges local musicians are facing in Seattle. 

“Ayatollah Zuckerberg”: Online censorship of Iran’s protests

Mark Zuckerberg, a software prodigy from suburban New York turned billionaire tech mogul, has little in common with Iranian theocratic ruling class like Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei. But the two both possess immense authority and influence, and the way that power has been wielded is what drew the ironic comparison.

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