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Setting the story straight: The brother of Elijah Lewis speaks on his death and legacy

To start off, Dunham shut the door on right-wing “Seattle is Dying” narratives that have inevitably been stirred from Lewis’ death. “The guy [Cooney] had a concealed carry. He was a citizen, he was ‘normal’, he wasn’t homeless,” he scoffed.

What you don’t know about Afghanistan: Leahy Law, Zero Units, and the CIA


Particularly characteristic of the Zero Units were their “night raids” – operations conducted after dark that often involved sweeping civilian communities for insurgents. Billing documented dozens of raids by the 02 Unit, operating in eastern Afghanistan. Storming through villages indifferent to fatalities in their wake, the CIA-backed 02 Unit made a terrifying name for itself in the area surrounding the city of Jalalabad.

Biker vigil held in South Lake Union after police car kills grad student

Jaahnavi Kandula, 23, was struck and killed by a speeding police car on Jan. 23, in a crosswalk at Dexter Ave N and Thomas St, in South Lake Union. Kandula was an immigrant from India attending Northeastern University where she was earning her master’s degree. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, KIRO-TV reported.

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