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Sex, drugs, and death at the Seattle Opera: a timeless performance of Verdi’s “La Traviata” in all its grandeur 

With its closing performance on May 21, the Seattle Opera featured Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s much loved tale, “La Traviata” (The Fallen Woman). The production featured South African singer Vuvu Mpofo and German singer Mané…

Onward, Christian Soldier: Reflections of a Vietnam War veteran

Dan Gillman was raised in a very distinct cultural atmosphere that he can only characterize as “very religious, evangelical, and Christian nationalist.” This fundamentalist upbringing, he contends, accustomed him to a worldview that eulogized the principles of American exceptionalism, denounced the evils of communism, and drew imprecise lines regarding the separation of church and state. Gillman attributes the religious conditioning that defined the first third of his life as to why he complied when he was drafted by the United States Armed Forces in 1967.

Meet Poulsbo, the Scandinavian haven in Kitsap County

To explore one’s surroundings not only means engaging with a region’s history and origins, but also establishing an inspiring connection with those whose cultures shaped one’s own. In a globalized world, each place now bears pieces of each other, and by discovering the peculiarities of a region, one may discover those of distant places or times.

How an encounter with Reaganite oil lobbyists transformed Professor Carl Livingston’s conception of wealth and power

Livingston reevaluated his support for right-wing social and fiscal policy upon witnessing its material consequences. “I was so hurt. I was so hurt at the loss of programming, at the policing, and all of the drugs, how many people I knew who were incarcerated, at the new gangs that were all over the area,” he recounts. “The community was broken. I could no longer be a conservative.”

Bringing life back to school: Central’s new interim president has a mission

During a quick chat with Lane at the 2022 holiday party organized by the Office of the President, he mentioned that one of his missions as interim president is to bring life back into the school. “One of the things that I really felt lost during the pandemic was to get to be in the same place as other people,” says Lane. However, he did acknowledge the perks of being able to work remotely, but ultimately he believed in the importance of face-to-face interactions, “I do think there is space for coming to campus as a part of your educational journey or your work journey.”

Journalism tips from a Seattle journalist

There are plenty of stories that need to be told, whether it be about Capitol Hill’s most beloved cat, or the struggle of international students. But unfortunately, being a journalist involves more than just writing stories, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. To get a sneak peek of what the industry’s like, I spoke with Chase Burns, a Seattle-based journalist, who used to be an arts and culture editor for The Stranger and is currently the editor for The Ticket, a Seattle Times calendar website.

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