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March 24, 2019

Unalarming fire alarm in SAM

At 9:15 on the morning of March 15, the fire alarm in Seattle Central’s Science and Math building (SAM) went off. All students and staff

Metro shakes up fare enforcement

As of March 2019, King County Metro will be changing how it enforces payment on buses, including Rapid Ride, especially those on Third

Tenant Rights Workshop @ WildRose

On March 6th, a rainy Wednesday evening, The WildRose bar hosted a Seattle Tenants Rights Bootcamp for members of the Capitol Hill
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Coming Out of the Shelter

My coming out story was painful in more ways than one. Mom saw me with my first queer haircut; I was proud of it. Buzzed on the side and

The Breakdown – SOTU Edition

The following is a live-stream text reaction to the State of the Union address given by President Trump earlier this week. Two people from

Empowering Student Accessibility

Our world is becoming increasingly accessible, both for those with disabilities and the able-bodied individuals who benefit from the
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