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Posts tagged as “COVID-19”

The Broadway Edison building used to be open to students on the weekends, now it isn’t

The Broadway Edison building is the hub for Seattle Central College. The sprawling five-story building is the base of operations for many student services and administrative offices as well as the various arts, humanities, and…

International students forced to take in-person classes, per expiration of COVID-19 exceptions 

On May 12, 2023, the International Programs (IP) emailed all international students at Seattle Colleges to inform them that the March 2020 Temporary Guidance related to COVID-19 for F-1 visa students will expire on Jun.…

Paul Allen’s Living Computers Museum remains closed after years, despite lifted COVID restrictions

The museum, a pet project brought to life by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2006, stayed open for more than a year after Allen’s death in 2018. But it remains in question whether his business associates and family share the late philanthropist’s interest in preserving and showcasing the museum’s historic technology. 

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