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Posts published by “Joel Stadtmueller”

Joel is an art damaged music nerd occasionally hugging trees and decrying the brutal nature of capitalism. He studied cultural anthropology and art history as an undergrad and is pursuing his AAS in graphic design at the Seattle Central Creative Academy. When not working on art, music, or writing, he’s usually hiking, biking, or lounging in his hammock reading manga.

The Broadway Edison building used to be open to students on the weekends, now it isn’t

The Broadway Edison building is the hub for Seattle Central College. The sprawling five-story building is the base of operations for many student services and administrative offices as well as the various arts, humanities, and…

Mount Eerie, Black Belt Eagle Scout enter the Black Lodge to honor this land and its lineage

The Pacific Northwest is a lush landscape in ways both literal and metaphorical. This fertile environment has shaped many of my favorite artists and albums, many of which are inextricably tied to this place —…

Cutting Through the Noise: Compactor, Sleeping with the Earth, Lye Feast and RN White @ Teatro de la Psychomachia

In the shadow of T-Mobile Park, on a night when the Mariners face off against the Texas Rangers in a must-win game to keep their postseason hopes alive, a much more intimate spectacle is about…

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