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Posts published by “Sophia Bruscato”

Sophia is an international student from Brazil, who recently moved to Seattle to pursue her higher education. Music, writing, and Science are her broadest and greatest passions. Sophia is a young classical singer, as well as an internationally published author with her book Primeira Pessoa. Despite being highly artistic and emotional, she bears great love for the Natural Sciences, and has the desire to pursue a Physics & Astronomy later in life. At the moment, she works for both the Seattle Collegian and the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery. Within all forms of writing, she believes the greatest role of the writer is to bring forth the truth, the honesty, and the humanity that echoes within each one of us. Journalism, while Art, is for her a portrait of the fraternity of the Earth, in the broadest possible way.

Seattle’s other dimension: The ghosts that haunt Pike Place Market

It is a rainy late afternoon in Seattle. You decide to stop by Pike Place Market for a cup of coffee. Stepping foot into the market, you feel something shift inside of you. It is like you’re being watched, but there aren’t many people around you at all. Through the stairway, you think you hear an echo of voices that belong to nobody. Suddenly, you catch a fleeting glimpse of something moving in the corner of your eye. You realize you are not alone, but are in the presence of something - or rather, someone - unseen. 

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