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Posts published by “Sophia Bruscato”

Sophia is an internationally published author with her book Primeira Pessoa, as well as a young classical singer. Born and raised in Brazil, music, writing, and Astronomy are her greatest passions. She believes the greatest role of a writer is to bring forth the truth, the honesty, and the humanity that echoes within each one of us. Journalism, while Art, is for her a portrait of the fraternity of the Earth. At the moment, she works for both The Seattle Collegian and the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery, while completing her AA degree with a focus on Anthropology & English.

Sex, drugs, and death at the Seattle Opera: a timeless performance of Verdi’s “La Traviata” in all its grandeur 

With its closing performance on May 21, the Seattle Opera featured Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s much loved tale, “La Traviata” (The Fallen Woman). The production featured South African singer Vuvu Mpofo and German singer Mané…

Meet Poulsbo, the Scandinavian haven in Kitsap County

To explore one’s surroundings not only means engaging with a region’s history and origins, but also establishing an inspiring connection with those whose cultures shaped one’s own. In a globalized world, each place now bears pieces of each other, and by discovering the peculiarities of a region, one may discover those of distant places or times.

Seattle’s food banks: Groceries for everyone, no exceptions

"Food banks are very strange in Seattle because in most cities in America, there is one big food bank and then pantries to which they distribute food to, so it’s very centralized and you can find information on where all the food is in the city… but here, all the food banks are independently run, so there isn’t any big guide with resources that these food banks provide, which can be hard to navigate."

Seattle’s other dimension: The ghosts that haunt Pike Place Market

It is a rainy late afternoon in Seattle. You decide to stop by Pike Place Market for a cup of coffee. Stepping foot into the market, you feel something shift inside of you. It is like you’re being watched, but there aren’t many people around you at all. Through the stairway, you think you hear an echo of voices that belong to nobody. Suddenly, you catch a fleeting glimpse of something moving in the corner of your eye. You realize you are not alone, but are in the presence of something - or rather, someone - unseen. 

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