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Review: YOU. An Art Pop-Up


The M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery hosted a student-curated pop-up on May 8, 2024 organized by Adrian Silva, a student at Seattle Central College. This gathering featured art exhibitions and performances by artists from around the world. As visitors entered the gallery, they were greeted by a lively atmosphere with students enjoying snacks, exploring a free clothing rack, and engaging with the art and each other.

During preparations for performances, Sophia Bruscato, the Gallery Archivist , noted, “It is so wonderful to see our community gathered in the gallery space because that is what our space is for, and to be part of the team that makes this happen is very rewarding.”

Idaya Gruenwald | The Seattle Collegian

The dress code for the event encouraged attendees to express their authentic selves through their attire, reflecting personal expression and personality. The pop-up featured local artists who attend Seattle Central, as well as artists from Philadelphia, Boston, and South Korea, among other places, and showcased a wide array of art styles, from digital and photographic to physical art.

Live music was a highlight of the event. Silva, who composed music for the upcoming Seattle Central spring play, “Love and Information,” performed a piece from the show. Willow, known as AccidentProne, and independent artist Shelby Natasha also also took the stage.

Idaya Gruenwald | The Seattle Collegian Accident Prone performs at YOU

Artworks were curated by Meghan Trainor of the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery, enabling students, faculty, and the whole Seattle Central community to appreciate the diverse artistic talents on display.

Snacks and drinks were available, with an interactive element where attendees could doodle on the tables while grabbing refreshments. Seattle Central’s Drama department presented a scene from the aforementioned play, “Love and Information,” which delves into the complexities of modern communication and its impact on personal relationships.

Ebeanz from “Thrift with Ebeanz” set up a booth showcasing a variety of thrift clothing, perfect for striking a pose and capturing photos for social media. Guests were encouraged to take pictures with the unique items and share them online for a fun and stylish experience.

After impressive performances by AccidentProne, Adrian Silva, Central’s Drama Club, and Shelby Natasha, the art pop-up concluded with applause. As performers cleaned up the stage and the curator turned off the lights, attendees captured their last views of the incredible displays. Like a morning glory at sunset, the show came to an end, demonstrating that students are capable of successfully organizing and curating their own exhibitions. It is inspiring to know that the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery will continue to provide students with the space to put on amazing events.


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