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Posts published by “Mo Dulitz”

Mo is an alumni of Seattle Central and is currently attending the University of Washington with aspirations to pursue a career in journalism and communications while also delving into anthropology. She aims to explore the world and reveal the stories it wishes to tell through her writing and photography/videography. When she’s not captivated by her journalistic pursuits, she loves to go on adventures, create, watch films, and surf.

“Earth Deserves More Than a Day” at the Columbia City Theater

In celebration of Earth Day, Rainier Avenue Radio will be hosting a week-long event at the historic Columbia City Theater from Apr. 17 to Apr. 21. Joined with Front and Centered and the Social Justice Film Institute, the event, “Earth Deserves More Than a Day,” will include radio interviews, “kitchen table” conversations, panel discussions, film screenings, and a multimedia exhibit.

“Bones and All”: Cannibals on the big screen (★★★☆☆)

As a fan of Guadagnino’s past works, I was anticipating to love “Bones and All”. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed. There was great potential for this film with its director, general theme, and talented cast, but I found that it was missing substance. Maybe this is what Guadagnino wanted, for us to be drifting along with the characters on their backcountry escapade, but it left me leaving the theater craving more. 

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