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Feeling hungry? Check out this new Korean restaurant across campus

Capitol Hill’s food scene is slowly becoming more and more diverse; new restaurants and cafes have opened in recent months, including the new Venezuelan spot, Paparepas. The new Asian market, M2M, has also recently opened its doors to the public. However, of all the newly opened restaurants, the one that stood out to me the most is a Korean eatery called Korn Dog. 

Korn Dog is a small takeout place located at Harvard Avenue and Pine Street, next to the school’s parking lot. They specialize in Korean corn dogs, which are different from regular American corndogs. They have unique toppings like potatoes, ramen noodles, or squid ink covered in sugar. 

Another distinction between the two is the batter used to cover the sausage. American corndogs use cornmeal for batter, while Korean corn dogs use yeasted dough or rice flour. 

Potato corndog with Dalgona milk tea
Ana Bungag | The Seattle Collegian Potato corndog with Dalgona milk tea

What I like about this new place is that they also serve other Korean treats like Sodduk, Tteokboki, Dalgona latte (remember this viral drink?), and many more. The price for the corndogs isn’t bad, either. It ranges from $4.99 to $6.49, depending on which topping(s) you choose. 

Johnny Horton, Korn Dog’s third customer, has spoken about his experience, “Overall, I liked it. It’s nice to have a quick, inexpensive food option near the school again.” When asked about which corn dog he got, he mentioned, “I overordered. I ordered a classic corndog and a hybrid mozzarella and jalapeno sausage dog. I say I overordered because I didn’t know how large they’d be.” 

As far as recommendations, Johnny suggests ordering the mozzarella and jalapeno sausage dog.

Sodduk with hot Dalgona latte
Ana Bungag | The Seattle Collegian Sodduk with hot Dalgona latte

Korn Dog is currently only operating from Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11:30 AM to 2 PM. They are doing a soft opening for now, but expect their grand opening soon. 


Ana Bungag

Ana is a graphic design student at the Seattle Central Creative Academy. She is an aspiring designer focusing on accessibility, equity, and representation in the field. Outside of school, she likes to go hiking, cooking/baking, and watching Korean dramas.

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