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Week in review

Windfall for the school!

We’re rich! Well, not quite-but the Seattle Colleges recently received an unprecedented 1.4 Million dollars for student scholarships in this last week. $889,000 of that huge number came from a land sale to King County. Under the Open Spaces Plan the 35 acres will be maintained by King County as a habitat preserve according to the Seattle Central Griot. The remaining $550,000 was donated from the estate of Eva Gordon. This is clearly a boon for the Seattle Colleges, but with Mayor Durkan theoretically making college free for High School Students and a significant portion of Seattle Colleges students receiving full financial aid it is unclear why 1.4 Million is needed for more scholarships.

If we were to spend the money, here’s our list…the 3rd stall in the BE 4th floor women’s bathroom that won’t close, the stall on the SAM 2nd floor women’s bathroom that has been broken for 2 years, the women’s bathroom on the first floor of the BE building that generally only has a rotating cast of 2 working toilets, and the literal salaries of all PT or adjunct faculty and staff on campus who can’t afford to live in the city they teach in. But, we have never seen 1.4 million dollars before, so what do we know?

Nobody likes a Marxist

Not content to continue voicing their opinions solely on subreddits and online message boards, someone apparently needed to bring their “anti-communist” message to the people! On Wednesday the 22nd someone spray painted “MARXISM = COMMUNISM” and “communism is the sworn enemy of Christianity” on the outer wall of St. Marks in Capitol Hill. The church is known for it’s less than normal churchy views on things like gay marriage and the queer community. The assumption here is that some sort of devout Christian felt the need to remind the church that having queer or (gasp) even trans congregation members means that they are in fact Marxists. Which, the scrawled message was sure to make clear that marxism is in fact communism, and communism is…anti-christian. All in all, the Church itself seems to be taking it in stride. The Dean and Rector of the church, The Very Reverend Steven L. Thomason, was quoted in the Capitol Hill Blog as saying “And if I am honest, I am a bit amused by the graffiti—as if the perpetrators think they will have accomplished something by doing this.”

Hopefully this budding vandal sticks to calling everyone ”godless” in the comments of the Slog like a normal person and leaves the graffiti to the professionals.

The Base has a base in WA, shocking!

Nazis love Washington! A neo-nazi terror cell organization has found itself in hot water recently. Earlier this month 7 members of “The Base” were arrested by federal agents in a leadup to the white power 2nd Amendment rights rally happening at the state capital in Virginia. The Base became well known when Antifa (anti-fascist) groups in the Pacific Northwest started doxxing its membership and hunting for the training camp that Base members referenced in the state of WA. This information gathering by concerned antifascists along with the work of state agencies led Guardian journalist Jason Wilson to identify the ringleader of the Base organization. The man writing as “Roman Wolf” or “Norman Spear” is US-born Rinaldo Nazarro. And yes, he does own about 30 acres in Ferry County, WA. He purchased the land through an LLC called “Global Base” (almost tricked us there!) back in December of 2018 for about $33,000 according to Wilson’s findings.

It is no coincidence that Nazarro chose the great state of Washington for the base of his ethnic cleansing regime. As local politicians can attest to, just a little bit east of here, this state is ripe for the picking as a new white ethno-state, an idea that goes all the way back to the Northwest Territorial Imperative and other white supremacist terrorist organizations such as the Order and the Northwest Front. With the rampant upsurge in white supremacist activity and the seeming inability of Washingtonians to reckon with their state’s past (and present) jaunts into white nationalism, the only thing that surprises us about this story is the fact that he found land so damn cheap! That real estate agent needs a raise.

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