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Fearless Burglar at Central May Return

In a mass email alert sent to students and staff the morning of Friday, January 18, Seattle Central’s Public Information Office (PIO) stated that “on Thursday [January 17], a person on our campus accessed secure areas and stole several items.” The message continues on to state that “surveillance video shows that this person has little fear and we are concerned that he may return.” Attached were several images of the alleged burglar from security cameras, also included in this article.

Burglar Face

According to Sean Chesterfield, Central’s Campus Safety and Security Director, the burglar was first brought to college security officers’ attention on the 17th when they received a report of a suspicious person on the 4th floor of the Broadway Edison building. By the time officers arrived he had moved on, and since there’s only one security camera for the whole 4th floor they were unable to track his movements.

Shortly thereafter, one of the officers returned to his locker to find his bike stolen and his personal effects rifled through. Security footage confirmed that the thief was the suspicious person from earlier that day. Several hours later a number of keys were stolen from the Broadway Performance Hall; again, thanks to security footage, it was found that the same thief had returned on the stolen bike after changing his clothes and committed the thefts there as well.

Chesterfield says that the clothing change indicates that the burglar’s body language and behavior around campus was familiar and calm, stating that “he knows his way around, and was likely a student at one point.” As the PIO email states, Chesterfield believes it’s likely that the thief will return.

If you recognize the man in the security photos or see him around campus, please avoid contact and call Campus Security at 206-934-5442 or Seattle Police 9-1-1.

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