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Squeeze-Proof Your Commute

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you waking in the night with a sense of panic and dread? Feel like you’ve lost something, but you don’t know what? This could be a serious condition and you should seek medical attention immediately. That, or you’re just stressing out about the upcoming #SeattleSqueeze. Take comfort; you’re not alone.

The Alaskan Way Viaduct, including SR-99 from the West Seattle Bridge to the Battery Street Tunnel, closes this coming Friday, January 11th after the evening commute concludes. The recommendations are out there, although some aren’t taking them seriously, thinking commute times may only be increased by ten or fifteen minutes. Doubtful. There will be an additional 90,000+ cars on the roads that normally use SR-99. Be ready for it.

There are some additional options out there to help Squeeze-Proof your commute.

  • Uber is offering a $2.75 ride discount per trip traveling to and from major transportation hubs through February 15th. Use the code #commutesmart in the app to claim the discount. For further details and a list of eligible transit stations, click here.
  • Lyft is also offering a $2.75 ride credit per trip to and from transit stations. Use the code #realign99 to claim your discount. A list of eligible destinations can be found here.
  • According to a recent article in the Seattle PI, the Free Waterfront Shuttle has just announced that it will be providing extended service hours, now beginning at 6 am. This means that you can hop on the free shuttle at the Coleman Dock if you’re taking the Water Taxi from West Seattle or Vashon and ride to either Seattle Center or King Street Station. For the complete schedule and route information, click here.

Additional information on the viaduct closure, including alternative transportation and bus route changes are available on The Seattle Collegian site.

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