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African Cultural Night

On the evening of March 10th, the African Student Association hosted a spectacular event with poets, dancers, artists and much more to celebrate their cultural values.  The African Cultural Night was held in the One World dining room, and the was packed with diverse students from the moment I stepped in. Carl Livingston, Political Science instructor and the African Student Association’s advisor at Seattle Central College, said, “African American History month was last month, and the students work hard to do it within that month. So in the celebration of that month, the African students are presenting and celebrating the African culture.”

Carl Livingston, Political Science Instructor.

The rich and diverse African culture does not only vary from one country to another but within each country as well. The culture of each ethnic group is represented in art, music, and fashion. Not only did I have a great time with the short pop quizzes about African culture, but it was also exciting to see the beautiful dancers perform their Ethiopian dance with pride.

“I think the event was super important not only for the African students, but for the students who don’t know anything about Africa or its inhabitants,” said Sumaya Dirie, a student of Seattle Central College. Diversity is very significant and highly appreciated, especially here at Seattle Central College. It was beautiful to see events like these that raise awareness about different cultures from various countries and continents. Dirie went on, “We get this image posted of us in the media, where we’re starving and poor and living amongst the wildlife. I think it’s important for the students to see Africans dancing and having fun, sharing the wealth of our beautiful continent! And I think it’s important for a sense of unity among African countries as well. Showing our support for each other when there is so much competition in the western world, I love when I see Africans loving and celebrating each other.”

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