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Posts published by “Tássia Almeida”

Tássia is a Brazilian journalist who is learning and discovering English. She believes in the power of the mind and destiny. Sweets are her biggest addiction. Tássia is passionate about food, travel and writing about feelings and thoughts. Seniors have a big space in her heart and that's why she volunteers on a project focused on them. She loves changes and challenges, and that is what keeps her going.

A journey into Seattle’s recent past

The Chinese thinker and philosopher, Confucius said “Study the past, if you want to define the future,” It is necessary to revisit the past to understand the present, and often to discover ourselves and the context in which we live. There is history around every corner and there is change and transformation in everything human beings touch. Seattle was no different, the city we know today has been reinventing itself rapidly since the 90s and 2000s.

Enter the Roda: Capoeira and the circle of life

Can you imagine a martial art with music and dance in which everyone wins? Capoeira is like that. “It is a cultural manifestation, a martial art.  It's not a sport. It is not competitive, it is inclusive. There are times of ups and downs in the game, but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost or won. It gives you a circular view of events, the circle of life. Sometimes you think you are at an advantage and sometimes at a disadvantage. There is no score. It’s like life”, Reis said.

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