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Halloween: Hauntings in the halls at SCC

The College Activities Board (CAB) has once again hosted Halloween in the B.E building, this year with the theme “Haunted Doll”. Students wore interesting costumes to celebrate this occasion. While Halloween is not a celebration enjoyed by everyone because of its spooky nature, CAB hosted this event intending to bring students and staff members together to express themselves. There was pumpkin carving, an escape room, costumes, and everything Halloween-spirited. Prior member of CAB, Sebrin Edries, said “Experiencing Halloween as a board member last year was very interesting to me because I was new to this American way of celebrating Halloween and I have learned a lot. Coming from an Ethiopian culture that views Halloween as a demonic event, I was able to learn that there was really nothing scary or evil and that it was an innocent holiday-spirited event that consists of people in costumes coming together and having fun.” As a community college, Seattle Central has a large stream of international students who come from different cultural backgrounds, which makes such occasions a perfect space to learn about cultures that vary from our own.  

Astro Pittman | The Seattle Collegian Entering the Escape Room

CAB, in collaboration with student leadership board GET (Global Engagement Team), and the Craft, Anime, and Manga clubs on campus poured an immense amount of their time and energy into this event,  striving to keep the fun and entertainment aspect of college life alive. This required going through the hoops of bureaucracy to get items and displays approved and also make sure that their materials were appropriate for presentation. Suaad Hersi, who is on the board for her second year now as a committee organizer, said, “When I saw the number of people that participated in this event our work did really pay off and it was not hard to get people to come as enjoying a haunted house and candy sounds interesting as is. Our struggle was getting enough people to take roles as entertainers and volunteers to clean up after the event was over.” 

Astro Pittman | The Seattle Collegian The Whole Bloody Crew

This year’s Halloween was a success overall and members of CAB are also very thankful for those who participated in any part of the occasion. CAB, in a joint effort with other boards and clubs on campus, will be hosting Halloween again next year, and looks forward to better student engagement to carry on one of the most fun and exciting events in the academic year.

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