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Introducing the Tournament and Games Board (TAG)

Tournaments And Games (TAG) is a dedicated student leadership board that has been working hard with Mitchell Activity Center to make sure that Seattle Central maintains a fun and engaging aspect of the student’s college life. TAG’s goal is to help students enjoy various games and physical activities at Mitchell Activity Center (MAC), which is located right next to the Student Leadership building (1718 Broadway Seattle, WA 98107). According to TAG’s Collaborative Coordinator, Omar Osman,  “TAG is introducing a weekly event [for the upcoming school year] called “Board Game Social Time” which will be hosted on Wednesdays from 2:00 PM -4:00 PM at MAC 210. Our goal in this event is to create a connection between new and current students, especially international and local students. We hope to bridge cultural and language barriers and bring students together into what they understand: a safe space with fun games. We will have board games such as Uno, giant Jenga, chess, checkers, and many other[s].” TAG holds competitive sports tournaments such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, pool, badminton, video games and so on. Additionally, TAG hosts other fantastic and creative events such as laser-tag, roller skating and a talent contest. “These various events hosted throughout the year are not only refreshing but also a great opportunity to meet other students and make friends. There are also other resources that are available to students throughout the year such as the Racquet and Squash court on the first floor, gameroom, pool tables, table tennis/ping pong tables as well as board games on the second floor. The basketball court on the third floor in the MAC building gym, yoga sessions, boxing, an open game room and many more fun activities are also some of the other options.

MAC also hosts meditation sessions by creating a suitable common space for students to go and meditate around the time of finals week, which helps students de-stress and do better academically. TAG is a board that puts into consideration what resources students need to have a better college experience and strives to meet those needs.

 Board members include Anastassiya Tkacheva and Trang Le, the Marketing Coordinators; Jiayu Shi, the Events Coordinator; Omar Osman, the Collaborative Coordinator; and Nga Kieu Trieu, the logistics coordinator.

TAG is hoping to have a successful year helping students make use of the resources that are available to them right here on campus. It is also wise for students to use the resources that have already been included within tuition fees. Students are charged along with tuition money to fund MAC and many other important services. Mitchell Activities Center has also undergone significant renovation to better the quality of services available to students. 

For more information, contact TAG board members with the email address and phone number to reach( 206)-934-6315 as well as their website where you can get a clear image of how much life TAG has brought to the campus in prior years – 

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