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No Shoes, No Shirt, Free Service

Planning on whooping it up this coming New Year’s Eve? Not to worry, King County Metro’s got you covered. If you’re out late and Uber and Lyft surge rates are way too high, or your phone died hours ago, Metro is here for you this year. Stranded with no cash? Lost your wallet and your Orca card? Worry about all of that Tuesday! 

From Monday, December 31st at 7 pm to Tuesday, January 1st at 4 am, ALL Metro bus rides are free on ALL routes and ALL busses. Got it? You officially have zero reasons to drive impaired (it being dangerous and illegal should be enough, but getting something free never hurt anyone). 

Have fun this New Year’s Eve and say goodbye to 2018 with a gift from the city! Ride free and prosper in 2019.  

Blue, Green, and Yellow vivid Fireworks
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