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Op-Ed: Why we need student clubs

The obvious gems of every college are its faculty and students, but the gems that often go overlooked are student clubs. Student clubs are an integral part of college life. They not only enable students to work towards a goal, but they also provide students the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Along with educating us, college allows us the opportunity to make friends and find new hobbies. More often than not, we have difficulties interacting with people, especially if we’re in a new place. Being part of a club offers a ready-made conversation starter with other members. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and take up responsibilities, student clubs even give you a chance to take managerial positions. At the end of the day, you’ll not only have a group of friends with whom to do fun things but also experience professional growth. 

Student clubs also foster personal growth and self-confidence. Whether leadership skills, teamwork, event planning, public speaking, or technical skills, students can gain valuable experiences that complement their academic life. Clubs can even be platforms to learn languages. For example, at Seattle Central, we have the Japanese Learning Club, Mandarin Study Club, Russian Learning Club, and Spanish Club. 

Clubs like the Amigos Latinos, Black Student Union, Chinese Student Association, Desi Club, and, of course, the International Club help students learn about different cultures. The diversity we experience enriches discussions, broadens perspectives, and promotes understanding among members. 

If you are looking for sporty clubs, there are a variety of fitness clubs, including the Weightlifting Club, Climbing Club, Basketball Club, Walking Club, and Football Club. If you simply want to chill, there is the Eat and Chill Club, and if you’re a brunch person, the Non-judging Brunch Club.

All of these clubs encourage personal growth, but let’s look at clubs from a professional point of view. In clubs, you can connect with alumni, professionals, and other students who may provide mentorship, internship opportunities, and career advice. I would recommend the Competitive Programming Club, Women in Science & Engineering, and Progressive Student Union. 

In conclusion, clubs act as a support system; whether providing academic advice, offering a listening ear during tough times, or celebrating achievements together, the bonds formed within clubs can be invaluable during college years. Club alumni often maintain ties with fellow members, providing a network of support and opportunities well into the future. Adding club participation to your resume creates the image of a student who is well-rounded and capable of balancing academic and extracurricular activities. Active involvement in a student club demonstrates initiative, leadership, and a commitment to personal and professional development. So don’t miss out on the experience of college life that you can only find through involvement with a student club. After all, isn’t life more about the journey than the destination? 

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of joining a club, here’s a list of clubs on campus. To learn more about student clubs, attend the Student Involvement Fair on April 24 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the atrium at Seattle Central College.


Vrindha, an international student from India, is fueled by her fervent love for diverse art forms such as dance, drama, music and theatre. Eager to immerse herself in new experiences and broaden her horizons, she sees her involvement with the Collegian as a gateway to both sharing her passions and delving into new realms of knowledge.

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