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SCC Honor Society Alpha Chi Zeta unwavered by lack of support

The value which SCC’s honor society, the ALPHA CHI ZETA (ACZ) chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International (PTK), provides to the college is not being adequately supported. The contributions ACZ provides toward student development at the college are not fully acknowledged or celebrated. ACZ Officers are beginning the 2020 school year with many challenges in addition to their rigorous academic schedule. Officers are appointed every year the responsibility of creating and providing opportunities for student members and participants to undertake activities which encompass the pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. 

This year outreach officer, Rosemary Kamb is already meeting faculty and organizing to have a community dinner for Spring quarter at the college.

When asked about the upcoming school year, Rosemary states that her “team this year is really focused with working on food insecurity at the college and in the surrounding community.”

In our phone interview, Rosemary said officers are already attending meetings to discuss ideas for a rooftop vegetable garden. The team is also working on the creation of a seminar for professional networking followed up with a networking event which includes industry professionals. 

When major events are being planned at ACZ, committees are formed within the organization. Student participants of the committee all contribute as leaders or work collaboratively in fellowship. 

There are many other events year round to keep students engaged outside of class. Volunteering events are offered in the community or school weekly. One week they can be planting trees, the next be an usher at the Scholarship Foundations Gala. In service, ACZ members and participants work towards building their soft skills and development transcripts which are often used in applying towards a four-year college.

Workshops are offered for students interested in going on to a four-year college. Students can learn to create a curriculum vitae, get assistance with college application essays and plenty else associated with betterment in collegiate life. 

ACZ has been in service at Seattle Central College for over 25 years. Nada Oakley has contributed to student academic success 18 years as advisor. The chapter is associated with Phi Theta Kappa, a nationally recognized organization for two year colleges. Many of the members at ACZ go on to transfer to four-year colleges in pursuit of their academic goals. ACZ chapter competes internationally with other chapters in their community efforts. ACZ is continuously recognized as a 5-star chapter and has won awards for top honors in the “Honor in Action and College Project” competitions both regionally and nationally. 

Attendance at ACZ meetings is larger than any other board or club at Seattle Central College. Membership at ACZ is based on your academic record and there is a fee. Acceptance into the honor society has a lower average at our school to provide accessibility and be more inclusive of minorities. The national average admittance for college honor societies is 3.5GPA. There is a fee of $75 dollars that gives you access to PTK International and its scholarship database. 

Participation by non-members is encouraged.  A study of Dartmouth College students by economist Bruce Sacerdote suggests there is power in smart influence. The research concluded that students with low grade-point averages who congregated with higher-scoring students, their grade-point averages increased. Researchers were quoted, “[they] appeared to infect each other with good and bad study habits—such that a roommate with a high grade-point average would drag upward the G.P.A. of his lower-scoring roommate.” – NYT

There is evidence that treatment towards Alpha Chi Zeta as an organization affects students committed to their academic excellence and service to the college and community. Despite lack of funding and support from faculty and administration, ACZ officers are committed to providing student participants and members with the best college experience Seattle Central College has to offer towards meeting their academic and career goals. 

The organization meets weekly on Fridays at 2:00pm in the student area of room 4106.

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