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Elevator updates continue at SCC’s BE Building.


As most students have likely noticed, Seattle Central College has several elevator and restroom upgrades going on during spring quarter. David Ernevad, Director of Facilities and Special Projects, said that the projects are going exceptionally well. Although renovations are on or ahead of schedule, the restroom renovations have some long lead items that make it unlikely they will reopen before the end of spring quarter.

  • Elevator 7, near the 1702 Harvard entrance, will continue to remain closed until the end of Spring Quarter.
  • Elevator 6, by the south entrance of the BE Building, may be able to be reopened by the end of May while restroom renovation continues.


Many students have felt the effect of having fewer elevators in service — a reminder to prioritize elevators for students and faculty with disabilities, including those who voice invisible disabilities. The SCC Communications Office and Disability Support Offices can both provide further information for students being impacted this quarter. However, by summer quarter things are looking up for Seattle Central Elevator service!


Morgan Wigmore

Morgan is a Seattle Central alumni currently attending Oregon State University where she is majoring in Anthropology. In addition to writing, she enjoys painting and linguistics. She lives in a very small house with a very fat cat.

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