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A new way to get to your favorite hiking spots

Feeling detached from nature lately, but don’t have a car and a way to get out to the mountains? King county metro has introduced a new service called Trailhead Direct available this summer that will pick you up at a predetermined bus stop and drop you off at different trailheads depending on the route. One such stop is located right on Capitol Hill very close to campus. Across from the Link Station at the corner of East John and East Broadway Street is the first stop on this bus route. It runs to Snoqualmie and encompasses the Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe, and Little Si trailheads. As far as difficulty goes for these trailheads if you’re an experienced hiker, or want to push yourself for some fantastic views, Mount Si and Mount Teneriffe are definitely within your grasp! For newer hikers, Little Si is just as gorgeous but is significantly more relaxed than the previously mentioned two.

These are just some of the trails offered by this service, check out more on the Trailhead direct service including stops and other routes here:

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