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Come join the Collegian’s Open House!

The Seattle Collegian is having an Open House on Friday, April 23 at 3 pm. Book your calendar and come join us. WE ARE HIRING STAFF WRITERS!

What to expect in the Open House?

  • You’ll get to meet the editorial board members and our roles
  • You’ll get to learn about the publishing process, including article types and the scope of content we produce
  • You’ll learn about expectations regarding new staff writers
  • You’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself, the topics you’re interested in, causes you care about, and pitch your ideas about what you want to write

How to attend?

  • Email Astro, the Editor-in-chief, to request the Zoom meeting link at
  • Check out our FAQ page to learn about how we roll and come to the meeting with any questions you may have

Can’t make it to the Open House?

  • You can join our staff writers’ weekly meetings instead, which happen every Monday from 5 – 6 pm.
  • To request the Zoom meeting link, email Astro, the Editor-in-chief, at

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the Open House event on Friday, April 23 at 3 pm. Share this with your friends and bring them with you!

Download the Open House flyer below.


Gift Homsaen - Web Manager

Gift is a Programming AAS-T student and a Web Manager Consultant at the Seattle Collegian. She defines herself as a minimalist, who enjoys living low-waste and makes websites. Her goal is to create more awareness around sustainability in web design and how each of us can reduce carbon footprint as an individual. She enjoys improving the Collegian website as much as writing, baking, and making oat milk. Check out her website!

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