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Students to report vaccination status by Nov 1 – Do these 4 steps

Regarding Governor Jay Inslee’s higher education proclamation, SCC requires all students, staff, and faculty to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, unless otherwise exempted by medical or religious reasons. Students are required to report their vaccination status by Nov 1. 

On Sep 28, SCC sent out an email which focused on campus entry protocols, the mask/face coverings policy, where to receive vaccinations, and the requirement for students to report their vaccination status on ctcLink by Nov 1. SCC stated that “Students who do not register their vaccination status or claim an exemption by Nov. 1 may be unable to register for Winter Quarter 2022 classes.” If you haven’t yet reported your vaccination entry, here’s how you can do so.

Four steps to report your vaccination status on ctcLink 

Try out different browsers if ctcLink doesn’t work on your usual browser or clear your browsing history. For me, ctcLink works on Firefox and Safari, but is unreliable on Chrome.

Step 1: Login to your ctcLink account. Choose “Student Homepage”.

Gift Homsaen | The Seattle Collegian

Step 2: Choose “Immunization Attestation”.

Gift Homsaen | The Seattle Collegian

Step 3: Then you’ll see a short form where you can select your shots and dates taken. Refer to your vaccination card for this information. Click the plus icon to add another shot if applicable. For those with vaccine exemptions, select medical or religious exemption and pick the current date on the calendar.

Gift Homsaen | The Seattle Collegian
Gift Homsaen | The Seattle Collegian

Step 4: Agree to “Self Attestation” and “Disciplinary Action”. Submit the form. There will be a quick green popup saying “Immunization Attestation is submitted successfully”. Now you’re good to go.

Gift Homsaen | The Seattle Collegian

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Make sure to report your vaccination status as soon as possible. It’ll take only a few minutes to do so. Refer to SCC resources above if you need any help or need to find more COVID-related information.


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