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Recent COSI talk focuses on non-binary issues on campus

On Thursday, May 30th, a Conversation on Social Issues (COSI) discussion on “Living in a Non-Binary World: LGBTQIA Issues on Campus” took place in the library of Seattle Central. The lecture series discussion, hosted by Vice-President and President of the SCC Queer Cooperative, Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby and Astro Pittman, respectively. Gatsby and Pittman are both editors at the Collegian, and respectively have each been the benefactor of LGBTQ+ scholarships including the Pride Foundation Scholarship (Gatsby 2018 and Pittman 2019) and the Greater Seattle Business Association Scholarship (Pittman 2019). This discussion took place in a private room in the library dedicated to lectures and discussion. The audience consisted of mostly Seattle Central students and faculty, with some outside attendees.  

Kimberly Tate Malone introducing Gatsby & Pittman - on the board behind them is written "Living in a Non-binary World - LGBTQ+ issues on campus"

Throughout the discussion, sexuality, language, and gender were presented and discussed as social constructs that require conversation to deconstruct. Many in attendance were able to present their views on these social topics and discuss the importance of visibility or normalization of LGBTQIA+ language and action. The change in conversation in recent years was commented on by many, including Pittman who is amazed by the ability of millennial visibility, stating “the fact that we can have these kinds of conversations is amazing, it is so important to have these discussions about moving away from the constructs that have for so long restricted us.” Gatsby would support in saying “we’re not there yet, but it’s getting better,” speaking to the nature of the ever-adapting conversation surrounding gender and sexuality.

This course is one of many COSI talks presented by the library, and this event was presented with the aid of Kimberly Tate Malone, staff librarian and curator for discussion.

More information on SCC Queer Cooperative can be found here.

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