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Sport? A Few Already

By Bob Barr

Like just about everything else at Seattle Community College, the Athletic Department
has been forced to start from scratch in attempting to form some kind of program.

Due to the unique location of the school and some hard work by Mr. Don Sanford and Mr. Morris Storseth of the Physical Education Department a few varied activities have been made available at a class level.

The range of sports offered for the first quarter includes bowling, swimming, volleyball, and tennis.

With the start of the winter quarter the department hopes to add weight training,
basketball, badminton, tumbling and men’s and women’s personal-fitness classes.

These classes will be held at the Washington Building. Also available for the winter quarter will be skiing classes to be held at Snoqualmie Pass on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings. The ski
classes will be under professional instruction.

While inter-collegiate sports are still far in the future, plans are being made for intramural sports. It is hoped that an intramural basketball league can be arranged by the winter quarter,
with teams being organized on an individual basis.

But for the present there are always the popular Summit hopscotch courts and
that mile walk to school from your car.

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