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Study abroad: Universities in Europe

If you have ever dreamed of going abroad, traveling the world, or learning another language, then add studying in Europe to your bucket list!

Do you think the University of Washington campus is amazing? Then you need to visit the older areas of Germany, Austria, and France. These cities resemble the gothic architecture that you may know from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. Free education is one of the many advantages Europe can show – in addition to universal healthcare.

Do not let the “but I don’t speak another language” thing stop you. Most people (especially younger generations) can speak English at a good level. Except when you go to France. There they will pretend not to understand you. Nobody will expect you to learn a new language in three days. Additionally, universities in the European Union offer Bachelor’s as well as Master’s programs in English! Most of the Bachelor’s programs will take around three years; you are expected, however, to choose your major before you start. The college system in the U.S. that provides a broader range of education is rather uncommon abroad. 

Most famous European universities are public, meaning you have to pay nearly no tuition at all. And if you have to pay tuition fees, they are usually per semester and not per class and credits that you take. The equivalent to credits and GPA are ECTS points, ECTS points are attainable everywhere in the European Union.

To give examples of a couple of excellent universities, these are two well-known schools:

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna has its faculties in the beautiful capital city of Austria. While staying in a city, mountains and lakes are still not far away. Austria is the Washington of Europe. With a bag-back and a train ticket, it takes you less than an hour to travel to any other country. Even Germany is less than four hours away. You pay 20 Euro per sSemester, which is roughly the same amount in U.S. dollars. Although for some of the Bachelor’s programs you need to have an entrance exam, which will be held in German. However, if you do not already know a bit of German, you can take preparation courses. Additionally, Vienna has an extraordinarily beautiful ball season, where people dress up and dance. Of course, you need to know how to dance first, one of the most famous elite dance schools is the Elmayer School of classical dance. If you are more interested in a university concerning music or drama, then maybe the Mozarteum in Salzburg would be an option for you.

University of Barcelona

If you know how to speak Spanish, then consider going to Spain. The University of Barcelona offers its courses in English, Catalan, and Spanish, and is centered in the north-eastern part of Spain, also known as Catalonia. Additionally, the beach is not far away! For your admission, you only have to do a PAP (Personal Aptitude Test). Other places to study in Spain are Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, and Málaga. 

Seattle Central study abroad program

Seattle Central College also offers a wide range of study abroad programs that could inspire the inner traveler in you. one of the programs, Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA), gives students an opportunity to study countries like Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, England and South Africa. There are other programs offered through by Seattle Central, you read further here.

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