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The counseling corner

We at the counseling center wanted to reach out to students and share information on what we do and how to best access our services.   

Counseling Services at Seattle Central College 

Seattle Central Faculty Counselors are excited to continue providing distance counseling sessions to currently enrolled Seattle Central College students through a confidential Zoom platform. As counselors we have learned how much our students need stress relief, healthy connections to others and themselves, as well as time for healing and joy.  

In response to student requests and institutional need, we created this column with the hope of reaching more students and encouraging students to engage with us. Please don’t suffer in silence— counselors are here to support your success. 

Our mission is to promote the intellectual and social-emotional development of students through counseling and teaching rooted in equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

Our Vision 

Seattle Central College Counselors value equity, diversity, and inclusion. We at the Counseling Center honor the intersecting identities and characteristics that make us unique individuals. We recognize and acknowledge the impact of oppression, power, and privilege on students’ social-emotional development. We strive to create a trusting environment and a space where students feel safe. Our commitment to our campus community is to embrace and celebrate diversity in all its richness. 

In addition to our individual work with students, faculty counselors teach Human Development Courses (HDC). These courses support student success by building on students’ strengths and developing their academic and life skills. 

Who can meet with a counselor? 

All students enrolled at Seattle Central College are eligible to see counselors. We may also have limited meetings with students attempting to re-enroll at the college.  

What can I expect in a meeting with a counselor? 

You may be nervous about meeting with a counselor, but don’t worry, we run into this all the time. It’s OK to be nervous. We’re here to answer your questions and help you feel at ease. If you don’t click with a counselor, that’s OK, too! There are five of us to choose from.  

It may be helpful to know what to expect:  

  • During your session, emotions may come up. It’s OK. Our counselors will hold space for your words or tears. But you might be surprised at how frequently there is also laughter and smiles in our work! 
  • Our counselors are present with humility and curiosity. We will listen to you, allow you to lead, and provide points for reflection and further consideration.  
  • At the first appointment of each academic year students complete a brief intake and informed consent paperwork.  

How much does it cost? 

Counseling at Seattle Central is free of charge to all students. 

Do I need an appointment? 

Due to demand, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment. We generally have drop-in appointments for the first few days of the quarter.  

What if I need to see someone right away? 

There is a counselor on crisis duty in the case of unexpected same day needs. Call 206.934.5407 or email 

Is the meeting confidential? 

Yes! Ethical and legal guidelines ensure that counselors maintain a confidential space and will not share information regarding counseling appointments with anyone outside of the Seattle Central Counseling Center. There are some rare instances when counselors are required to break confidentiality, to learn more look here (under the “Is this meeting confidential” heading). 

I am on academic probation. Why do I have to meet with a counselor? 

Although counselors would prefer to support students so they are not placed on an academic probation or alert to begin with, you may be asked to meet with a counselor after being placed on academic probation or alert. For more information, you can view the SCC student progress policy here

These meetings are an opportunity for the student and counselor to discuss the student’s college experience and to identify strengths, problem solve, expand networks of support, and find resources to increase student success. These meetings are not meant as a punishment for students. 

Contact Us 

Please make your voice heard and reach out to counseling. 

To contact or schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call 206.934.5407 or email with your name and student ID. Our phone/email are regularly monitored during our scheduled business hours Monday–Friday. 

Counseling Events and Announcements 

(1) Free Zoom Mindful Meditation for all students and employees 

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 12:10–12:30 PM | January 12–March 17 

Meeting Room URL:       

Password: Bliss! or 715567 

Meeting ID: 994 361 6626 

Please contact Ruby Hansra ( for any questions. 

This information is also provided on the Counseling Center Events page.  

These meditation sessions are now offered district wide!   

(2) NAMI student club weekly meetings, “A safe place to check-in with friends,” on the “General” voice Discord channel, Fridays 3-4 PM.  

All students are invited to attend on the Seattle Central NAMI Discord server:  

In addition to those meetings, there are chat rooms for asynchronous conversations as well.  

Students can also contact Jone for more information at  

NAMI Club is a student club, in partnership with The National Alliance for Mental Health, that promotes mental wellness and destigmatizing mental illness to promote mental health support. 

(3) Please check your quarterly schedule for Human Development Course (HDC) offerings! These courses support student success by building on students’ strengths and developing their academic and life skills. 

(4) Faculty Counselors offer workshops on the topics of self-care, organization, time management, stress management, test preparation and staying on course to success. You can view recordings of these workshops here.  

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